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Yoshi - Mario Bros
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    Yoshi – Mario Bros Coloring Page

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    Yoshi - Mario Bros
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Yoshi, the lovable dinosaur from the Mario Bros world, is easily recognizable with his green skin and big eyes. Sporting a light blue, egg-shaped shell on his back, Yoshi serves as a trusty companion for Mario, allowing him to ride along. Description under the photo: A loyal sidekick, Yoshi first appeared in 'Super Mario World' in 1990. Known for swallowing enemies and transforming them into eggs he can throw, Yoshi also showcases impressive jumping and hovering abilities, aiding Mario in overcoming obstacles. Fun Facts: While commonly depicted as male, Yoshi can sometimes be seen in female variations, such as Birdo in some games. Yoshi has his own game series titled 'Yoshi's Island,' focusing on his adventures. In various games, Yoshi can come in different colors, each variant possessing unique abilities.

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